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House Plans
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House Plans

Category: Home: Home Improvement

It’s more than house plan and design at Designing a house has always been a delightful and enthralling experience for any plot owner. Usually it becomes the responsibility of the plot owner to come up with a design which takes into consideration everybody’s needs and requirements. Following which the family starts the process of collecting house design house plans from magazines, internet, friends & family. Multiple ideas are pooled in as one big think tank to help mould the shape and size of the house. Since the search process has been diverse enough to lead to a transfixed state of fitting in the best possible house floor layout. Most of these ventures do yield a fruitful & satisfactory result since a house is a very personal space & nobody else knows it better than the family. But at times it just becomes an outcome of a geometric exercise than a floor plan which still keeps is more or less in tune with the family requirements. The layout may work well but the looks of the house from all sides may not work well along the same lines or they don’t fit on to the procured plot size. In most cases a desire do arise to get a professional designer to bridge the gap between family needs, aesthetics and the technical requirements as per the site. So we understood the requirement which is slowly evolving is India with more and more online users searching for what we have tried to display on through our ready to use 27 designs. These designs can be arranged or used for most common plot sizes available in India. Most of the designs are of Ground floor or Ground Floor+First Floor ranging from very humble sizes from mere 1000 Sq.ft. to 4500 Sq.ft. or so. Since we understand that all plots are different and they may need special attention which is what we delve in to deliver through custom designing. We at intend to deliver simple yet functional and beautiful home plans & designs to all the plot owners who don’t have access to professional architects or are not interested in investing 3-5% of the project cost as architectural fees. Our architectural services are reasonable since we are charging only for doing Conceptual Architectural Design. Additionally we also provide with Approx. Cost Estimate to plot owners so that they do have a fair idea about the overall expenses.

Date Added: January 25, 2012 02:53:55 PM
Author: homeplansindia
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